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‘Aquino lacks sense of history on Sabah issue’

(This picture taken on March 8, 2013 shows Malaysian soldiers soldiers firing mortars toward where Filipino gunmen are locked down in a stand off in the surrounding villages of Tanduo in Sabah.  AFP PHOTO / Malaysia Ministry of Defence)

(please educate the Boy Sir he knows nothing about our history)

The policy adviser of Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram 3rd lambasted President Benigno Aquino 3rd, saying that the latter lacked a sense of history of the Filipino Muslims, particularly in the context of the Sabah claim.

“The President does not know anything about the Sabah claim. His Secretary of Justice [Leila de Lima] and even his Secretary of Foreign Affairs [Albert del Rosario] also looked as if they do not know anything about the Sabah claim. 

They did not even know who pursued the claims,” former gov. Al Tillah on Tawi-Tawi province said during a round table discussion organized by the Rotary Club of Makati Legazpi.

Tillah urged Aquino and the members of his Cabinet to read books about Filipino Muslimshistory to understand why the Kirams are still pursuing the Sabah claim.

They better spend much of their time in the library reading history books. These people are making ugly comments on the Sabah issue. They do not know what they are talking about,” he said.

(better spend much of their time in the library reading history books)

The former local official expressed his disappointment with the Aquino government, which is unsupportive to the objective of the sultanate in reclaiming Sabah.

The government, he pointed out, even threatened Kiram and his followers with criminal prosecution.

“They are speaking on the issue without thinking further and without getting the whole context of the territorial claim. Anong klaseng gobyerno natin ito [What kind of government is this]?” he said.

“He [President Aquino] has not spoken to the sultan of Sulu, who is a citizen of this country, but he talked to almost everyone in Malaysia,” he pointed out.

Tillah also questioned the decision of the Malaysian government rejecting a truce offered by the Sulu sultanate, despite the call from the United Nations (UN) for a ceasefire in Sabah.

UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon agreed that there must be a ceasefire. I’m sad that Malaysia rejected it. They should have accepted it. Maybe we can talk now on a conference table instead of trading bullets,” he said.

Tillah also said that it’s about time for Malaysia to give Sabah back to the sultanate of Sulu.

“Sa atin naman talaga ang Sabah, hindi sa kanila e. Nakinabang na nga sila ng husto; it’s about time na makinabang naman ang mga Pilipino rito. So magsama-sama tayo dito [We are the real owners of Sabah, not the Malaysians. They had already benefited from it; it’s about time that we Filipinos benefit from that land. Let us be united for this cause],” Tillah said.

The Sabah conflict, he said, should be resolved before a world forum

“The Sabah crisis is rooted historically in the just struggle of the sultanate through justice and the lofty ideals of the Muslim Filipinos. Any opinion to the contrary is null and void,” he said, adding that what is happening in Sabah is not a rebellion by the sultan, but a defense of their historic rights over the territory.

Tillah reiterated that the sultanate did not cede Sabah to the British North Borneo Co. after the territory was awarded to the Sulu sultanate by the sultan of Brunei.

The sultanate claimed that the disputed island of Sabah has only been leased to the Malaysian government through an 1878 lease agreement with British firm.

According to Tillah, the Malaysian government only pays the sultanate P70,000 yearly for the lease.

Getting back to the History a bit;

1878 - The Sultan of Sulu signs an agreement with a private firm called the British North Borneo Company under Alfred Dent and Baron von Overbeck to allow the company the use of North Borneo (Sabah).

This is where the problem started when the understanding of the provision got lost in translation.

(a closer look to the contained of the Contract of Leased from its Original Arabic to English)

The British version of the contract 'as according to the Malaysian' stated that the Sultan of Sulu agreed to “grant and cede” North Borneo(Sabah) for the sum of $5,000 a year. The Tausug version of the contract stated that the land was only being LEASED to the British North Borneo Company.

(It's U.S dollars $5,000 a year as according to the Original Contract between the Sultan of Sulo and the  British North Borneo Company and not RM 5,300.00 Malaysian ringgit a year! Much so that we Filipino are being FOOL to believed that the original contract {amounts} which clearly stipulate as Leased agreement was now being claim by the Malaysian as being a cession money granted to the heir)

Considering the fact, after 1878 This signed Contract or agreement with a private firm called the British North Borneo Company under Alfred Dent and Baron von Overbeck and The Sultan of Sulu was transfered (thou there is a provision of it prohibiting the same) from this Private Firm now to Malaysian, the Rent or amount of leased should not be lower from what was originaly stated or stipulated in the Original Contract between the two parties in the amount of US $. 5,000.00

Just think of it! 

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